South African Qualification Authority (SAQA)

NLRD Information for Data Suppliers

The National Learners' Records Database (NLRD) is the management information system of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The NLRD holds records of SAQA and its sub-structures; Quality Councils; NQF sub-frameworks; qualifications and part-qualifications (including unit standards) registered on the NQF; accredited Quality Assurance bodies and their accredited providers; registered assessors; and individual learners and their achievements. The NLRD provides decision-makers with comprehensive information, especially in the fields of labour market trends and education and training, as well as proof of qualifications obtained by individuals in South Africa.

The information available here is for Quality Assurance bodies and other data suppliers. (Until 2012, Quality Assurance bodies were known as "ETQAs". The term is still used in several documents on this site, although it is acknowledged that this is no longer an official acronym.)

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In order to assist data suppliers to ensure that their data meets the NLRD's load specifications, the data-testing tool - Edu.Dex - has been supplied to them. The following documentation supports Edu.Dex: